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Monika Volkmar Senior Practitioner

My original study was in dance at Ryerson University, although my career was cut short by a series of injuries. Determined to see this as a positive thing, I entered the world of fitness, movement, and bodywork, as a way of learning how to heal myself. I first began working as a personal trainer, helping individuals like myself who struggled with chronic pain and injuries, to become stronger and move more healthily. I was then drawn to study Thai massage as a compliment to my personal training practice, and never would have imagined that it would become such an integral part of my life and professional practice, not just an “add-on”. I practice Thai massage not only because I see the benefit it has for the receiver- reducing pain, improving movement quality, stress relief; Thai massage serves as a movement and meditation practice for myself that continues to inspire me to take care of my own body and mind so that I can continue to serve others in their own journeys to take care of themselves. My credentials include the study of Anatomy in Motion™, Functional Movement Screen, Neurokinetic Therapy™, Postural Restoration Institute: Myokinematic and Pelvis Restoration, and Thai abdominal massage/Chi Nei Tsang. 
Pressure:  Moderate to Deep

Monika Volkmar Senior Practitioner instructs the following:
  • Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage
  • Our Traditional Thai Workshop is all you need to get started in art of compassionate kindness.  We will show you touch techniques to give a full 20-30 minute massage and we hope you will practice with your loved ones.  Who knows?  Maybe you have the gift and will want to continue your journey with us!

    Bahn Thai Spa is affiliated with ITM School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  ITM is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the land and their Professional Level courses are recognized by NHP Canada, NCBTMB, IATM and the Thai Healing Alliance.