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One Walk: Walking 25km on September 9th 2017

Congratulations to the Women In Mining Toronto Branch who kicked butt at the OneWalk Toronto this year. They raised over $138,000 for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation! Since 2007, they have raised $898,000 with an average of only a 10 person team! Bahn Thai Spa is a seriously proud sponsor, and we can't wait to see them reach their #WIMCOOLMILLION goal next year! Another huge shout out to all our amazing and loyal clients who donated to the cause!


As the owner of Bahn Thai Spa, I have been participating in the various walks organized by Princess Margaret Cancer Centre since their inaugural 60km Weekend to End Women's Cancers in 2003, after losing my sister, Patti (pictured, right, with her daughter Gray), to breast cancer. In 2007, I formed a team, the Women in Mining (my former industry). Our team has become one of the most successful in the history of the walk in terms of both fundraising and raising the bar for other teams to follow.             
In the years since, the team has raised over $770,000 for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre with an average team of only 10 participants. In 2015 despite the mining markets being against us, we still managed to raise $80k!

Patti's cancer ultimately led to a complete change in direction for me and in the last year I opened Bahn Thai Spa Traditional Thai Massage and Wellness Centre.  I was introduced to the art of Thai massage after losing my sister, Patti, to breast cancer in 2002. Every day before her passing, I massaged her, and for those 20 minutes the cancer no longer existed....for those 20 minutes she was able to forget her fear....for those 20 minutes I no longer felt powerless. I made a decision after she died to find a way to work with cancer patients AND their families in her memory. I know the importance of touch and loving kindness in times like these.  We are a school as well and it is my intention to introduce Thai massage into hospitals, hospices, cancer facilities and seniors homes and teach it recreationally to empower caregivers.

This year I have decided to walk "solo" but under my original team name "Patti's Bosom Buddies" (if anyone wants to join me they can!). For my fundraising efforts, I am donating $1 from every 90 minute massage that takes place at the Spa between now and Sept 10 2016. So take the time today and do something pleasurable for yourself - invest that extra half hour for your time and in return be a part of something so much bigger, knowing that your dollars are at work to eradicate this disease once and for all.

For more information on how you can get involved please contact us at info@bahnthaispa.com or call and ask for Kate at 416-594-3406

We have all been touched by cancer. We can all make a difference.

Donate to the Princess Margaret OneWalk for Cancer

Kate Armstrong

Founder - Bahn Thai Spa

Bahn Thai Spa Traditional Thai Massage and Wellness Centre was excited to be a part of Global Wellness Day, a growing international non-profit movement that takes place every June. In spirit of the day, Bahn Thai offered introductory workshops that showed guests how to unearth their natural abilities. Ideal for people without any bodywork experience, this gift of compassionate touch is empowering, incredible, and available to everyone who is ready to discover it!

Global Wellness Day June 11 2016

Patti and Gray

The Women in Mining Team