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Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Good Karma:
[goo d] [kahr~muh] verb
The act of gifting an awesome Thai massage experience and rewarding yourself too!

All of our Gift Cards and Prepaid Cash Cards can be purchased online or in person and you have a choice of 3 different kinds. Purchasing online allows you to select an image, personalize your message and send by email for a pre-determined date. 

The Gift Card for a 60 Minute Traditional Thai Massage with our most experienced Senior Practitioners
is a wonderful way to introduce a friend to Thai massage.    60 Minute Traditional Thai Massage (non-RMT) $100 plus tax  


Create your own Prepaid Cash Card by selecting a $ value of any amount and give them the flexibility of choosing the length of service or adding on a Sauna session. This can be used towards the cost of any service (inc RMT) or Add-on.     Create Your Own Prepaid Cash Card  


And finally, there is nothing like the gift of touch. Buy a Good Karma Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage Workshop * for yourself and/or a friend and you each get a $15 credit towards your next massage with us** added on to your account on the day of registration. At $90 per person, you can't go wrong!   Good Karma Introduction to Thai Massage Workshop $90 plus tax

*Online registration is unavailable for Gift Cards. Please call us at 416-594-3406 and have your Gift Card ID ready.


** The $15 Credit for the Good Karma Introduction to Thai Massage will be added to the recipient's account the day after participation.

Please note that if you are buying more than one Gift Card online to send to someone, they must be purchased one at a time in order to be able to fill out the beautiful, personalized e-Gift Card and generate a Certificate Number. 

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Organic Lemongrass Lotion

Organic Lemongrass Oil

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