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About Us


Bahn Thai Spa: Mission Statement

We are a passionate collective of RMT's, Senior Practitioners, Practitioners, Apprentices and Students dedicated to the ancient art of Thai massage and have recreated an authentic experience in our unique jewel-colored "Zenzone" in downtown Toronto.

As a Spa, we want your experience with us to be memorable. We go to great lengths to ensure your comfort from the moment you walk in the door. Sip on Lemongrass tea as you wait to be whisked back to our Zen Zone. Sink into our soft bamboo sheets and pillows. Add on an Infrared Sauna to warm yourselves first and feel the stress melt away. Take some organic Lemongrass oil-infused Epsom Salts home with you to enhance your experience. We do offer packages but don't offer memberships because we already consider you part of our community!

As a school, we offer Professional and Recreational courses in Traditional Thai Massage through our affiliation with the infamous ITM School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. ITM has trained over 16,000 practitioners in this wonderful, transformational healing art. We are the only school in North America to offer an in-house Student Program for our Level 1 graduates to have access to continuous practice and an opportunity to advance to higher levels. Many of our students have already journeyed to Thailand to take more courses at ITM and other schools.

In Thailand, massage is considered to a necessity, not a luxury. It is our intention to make this possible here in Canada by making Thai massage accessible to all through our affordable pricing structure: Students, Apprentices, Practitioners, Senior Practitioners (all Licensed Holistic Practitioners with the City of Toronto) and RMTs. For a more detailed explanation of our pricing options, scroll down further.

Established in 2014, we are very proud of the fact that our combination of both Spa and School allows for our customers to experience Thai massage at a price point they can afford, and our students have continuous opportunity to grow, learn and be ultimately become a part of our team. As part of our Student Curriculum and the requirement for case studies, we intend to work with hospitals, hospices, cancer care facilities, practicing our art through volunteering in our community.




I didn’t come from a background of touch. I came from a highly stressful career in Stock Broking. It was my life’s work to help small companies grow and expand. 7 years ago, after “crashing and burning” from the workload, the stress, a surgery gone horribly wrong, and the aftermath of losing my sister and soulmate to cancer, I knew that I had to find something different, something that came from the heart and ultimately fed my soul.


Years before I found my path, and when my sister was battling for her life, I used to massage her every day with what little I knew. As well as instilling a sense of calm in her, I realized it had an affect on me too. I discovered Thai Massage by chance and was immediately possessed by it, not only because of the impact it had on my clients, but for the impact it continued to have on me. As a meditative practice, it allowed me to be “present”, something I could never achieve on my own before. It catapulted me in a new direction and it is now my intention to share this with others; to make this ancient healing art affordable and accessible to everyone. To that end, I have set out to create an army of practitioners to spread this work far and wide, and to introduce it to hospitals, hospices, cancer care facilities and seniors homes across the country - just as it is in Thailand.


Although my journey started here in Toronto, I knew that in order to be “authentic” in my practice I needed to travel to Thailand and learn from the Masters themselves. There I delved into Traditional Thai massage and it’s incredibly rich history. I trained at a number of schools including ONG’s, finally settling on ITM in Chiang Mai because of their international accreditation and their outstanding teachers. I am a graduate of the Certified Advanced Practitioners Training (CAPT) which allows me to teach here in Toronto. I encourage my students to travel to Thailand to further their education as their are so many wonderful schools to choose from (8 have been already), as well as explore the many private trainings on offer.


In 2014 I founded Bahn Thai Spa and School with the mandate to bring affordable Thai massage to everyone and at the same time give my students the opportunity to grow and learn in a community and ultimately become part of our team as Apprentices. This combination is the first of it's kind in North America.


As a Spa, we offer the authentic Thai experience in a Zen-like setting. I understand the importance of work/life balance and I bring that to my guests, many of whom come from the same stressful background as I did. My Therapists and Practitioners continue to amaze me with their skills and their innate desire to heal.  


As a school, mentoring my students is paramount. We are not just selling certificates. It is important that they have the opportunity to continually practice, get sound feedback from their peers, and continue their journey uninterrupted.  

"Bahn" means "home" in Thai.  We welcome you to our home. We are ecstatic about the community of Therapists, Practitioners, Apprentices and Students that we have built. The small army is growing! We implore you to read the personal stories of all our staff and discover what brought them to this ancient healing art.

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