136 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON
M5C 1K9

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We are blessed with what our fabulous guests have to say about us. Read on!


Exceptional service always. Take it up a notch every time I visit. Wish I could give it 6 stars. Special s/o to Sine!

Rahul Shah

Toronto, ON


I discovered this gem after a summer trip to Thailand where I had a massage daily. Bahn Thai Spa is truly amazing. Looks and smells just like a spa in Thailand and the massage was just incredible! Sadly I can’t go daily but will be spending more time here for sure!

Lady Traveller 1973

Toronto, ON


My GF and I have wanted to experience a couples massage and found this place ideal. We started off in the cozy dry sauna, followed by quick shower, then side by side in the main massage room. While I received an amazing Thai style massage (Monica so amazing!!), perfect for my sore lower back, my GF enjoyed aromatherapy massage. Ended the time with some nice tea in the waiting room. Highly recommend for couples




Lovely Thai spa, doesn't look very different from the outside, but once you step inside everything is serene and there is a lovely scent of lemongrass. The whole experience was great! Would definitely go back.


Toronto, ON


I visited this spa for my first time yesterday and received a couples massage. From the moment we walked in the aroma was welcoming and peaceful. The tea offered while you fill out the forms really helps ur body prepare to relax. I must say the atmosphere and ambiance of this place really sets the tone which I loved. The ladies were polite and professional at all times. I would recommend getting the 2 hour massage because I felt the hour wasn’t enough time to really settle in, just as I started to reach my peak relaxation it was over! Otherwise, no complaints

Tika Ally

Toronto, ON


It was my first time having Thai massage and I loved it from the greeting to the end. I loved the atmosphere, the massage, the staff. I felt warm welcomed as the staff was mindful and gentle.

Terry S

Toronto, ON


Best massage ever! Yoga without you having to do it!! Make sure you get the 90Minutes, totally worth it!

Brittney T

Toronto, ON


I had my first Thai massage experience yesterday at Bahn Thai Spa and I have to say it was incredible. I have never experienced a similar massage or spa quite like this. It is very different but it is wonderful. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and well trained. I let them know my problem areas and areas to avoid due to a recent surgery. My massage therapist was extremely in tune with my body and able to focus in on areas that needed it without me even saying anything. I recommend you treat yourself to a treatment here and take full advantage.

Kait M

Tonawanda, NY


The ambience was good, nice, clean. Staff was courteous. Nice place in Downtown Toronto. Its not a oil massage, its pressure and you are asked soft, moderate or hard preference.


Toronto, ON


Great place, great massage and great service. Loved the ambience and decor too, it was so authentic, tranquil and happy it transported me back to my visit to Thailand. Loved it so much, we have already booked our next appointment!


Toronto, ON


Just had my first thai massage today and it was amazing. I highly recommend RMT Susanna!

Y Yoga

Toronto, ON


Had a great massage with Raymond today. Can’t wait until next time i am back in Toronto! Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for really good Thai massage.

Sean O'Leary

Vancouver, BC


I had my first Thai massage experience yesterday at Bahn Thai Spa and I have to say it was incredible. I have never experienced a similar massage or spa quite like this. It is very different but it is wonderful. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and well trained. I let them know my problem areas and areas to avoid due to a recent surgery. My massage therapist was extremely in tune with my body and able to focus in on areas that needed it without me even saying anything. I recommend you treat yourself to a treatment here and take full advantage.

Kait M

Tonawanda, NY


Just had my first thai massage today and it was amazing. I highly recommend RMT Susanna.

My husband made the arrangements for this massage though neither one of us had had a Thai massage before. We were favourably impressed from the moment we walked in - the receptionist was lovely and the place itself had a simple but welcoming vibe. Even more impressed with the massage area - very different from a more clinical experience. There is a sign in the reception area which says “We do your yoga for you” which pretty much describes the massage itself - lots of stretching and positioning of body parts that would be difficult to do on one’s own. Both clinicians were sensitive and professional. This is a massage which is done fully clothed (provided by the spa) and no oils. Lots of attention to pressure points and stretching. We had a sauna afterwards which my husband enjoyed. I wasn’t that keen.


Buffalo, NY


They have such an awesome service! Everyone is so kind, professional and super nice! I was incredible stressed before and I ended up feeling like a new person! You end up feeling a little sore but it's the type of soreness you'd feel after an exercise and feels so good! Phil is also so awesome, very calming, relaxing and a great person! I loved it there and I'll definitely come back whenever I can afford it again :')

Manuela Pico

Toronto, ON


EXCELLENT SERVICE!! AMAZING PERSON This Employee (Taylor) is really the definition of a gentlewoman as well as professional. This is the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was a totally professional in every way. Best of the best. Many thanks.

Shirajul Bhuiyan

Toronto, ON


Amazing ! I had a 60 min massage with a Senior Practitioner. I had a numbness in my leg and he found the knot ! He made me feel very comfortable and truly, great experience, will definitly go back :)


Toronto, ON


I had a 60 minute Thai massage with Phil - WOW it was amazing. I felt soooo peaceful afterwards that even the cars and people whizzing by felt like miles away. I've honestly never felt that way before. A truly unforgettable experience.

Danielle H

Old Toronto, ON


Really good, high quality traditional Thai massage. Highly recommended. I had the 45 minute Thai + 45 minute Swedish with Ray and left feeling great and very well aligned. Was still feeling the benefits a week later. Not cheap, but definitely great value and quality.




Ray was my massage therapist. He did an awesome job overall especially with the areas I wanted him to focus on. Took the massage for an hour and I left the spa feeling completely refreshed and relaxed. Ray is good with the massage, strecthing and really listens to the pressure points of your body.

Ripun Chhabra

Toronto, ON


Susanna's treatment was superb. As a former body therapist myself, I can appreciate her excellent technique and very friendly yet professional attitude.


Toronto, ON


Great massage; it was relaxing! The place was decorated very nicely. There were aspects of Thai culture. It was a very clean place. Staff were friendly. I will come back!


Toronto, ON


Beautiful Experience. All in Balance. Left Floating and all the knots worked out ...on all levels. Thank you for the heat and the movement and the light


Vancouver, BC


First time visit and wasn’t sure what to expect...all I have to say is completely satisfied and well worth it!


Toronto, ON


Husband took me for a three hour service! What a treat. Relaxed and restored. Would go again. Next trip to Toronto sure to include a visit to Bahn Thai!




Lovely little relaxing place in the big city of Toronto. Thai massage was amazing. Staff were so sweet and everything was super peaceful. Nice respite.


West Palm Beach, FL


Amazing massage experience. Relaxation from minute one! The service is excellent and the massage was one of the best I have ever had. The spa is clean and calming is their number one focus and they hit their mark. Fantastic!


Florida, USA


Great service and staff, and excellent massage. I felt like a new person coming out of there!

Tamara Teofanovic

Toronto, ON


Staff were warm, friendly, and professional. The massage was very thorough, and the practitioner was truly expert! The surroundings are beautiful and relaxing.


Toronto, ON


My 2 hour traditional thai massage with Orachon Meechai, Senior Practitioner, was one of the most profound massages I’ve ever received. It was with extremely deep, but thoughtful pressure that she totally changed my mental outlook. She is extraordinarily gifted and gave me possibly the most intuitive body work I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had countless Thai massages in Thailand and she ranks as one of the best. There will be certain periods of slight discomfort as she works out tension but her vast knowledge and experience put me at ease as she was able to “allow” me to relax so she could continue to work deeper. Again, her intuition is really something to behold. Enjoy!

Brett R

Toronto, ON


I just walked in and within an hour was enjoying a great Thai massage by one of their masseuses. Highly recommend!


Newark, Ohio


Excellent location for a Thai massage. Very professional and welcoming staff!


Toronto, ON


The experience I had at Bahn Thai was wonderful. The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is exactly what you need to relax and unwind. From the sauna to the massage, the spa exceeded my expectations!


Toronto, ON


My boss recommended this place to me. I needed a massage because i do hair all day long, and i have a lot of knots and tension in my shoulders. This review is a little delayed so i dont remember the name of my masseuse, she was quite small, with a lot of strength, she worked hard on my shoulders. Very impressed, will definitely return!


Toronto, ON


I tried Thai massage for the first time, upon a recommendation from a friend and I’m glad I did. Meaghan was the person who worked with me; and she conducted the session with the utmost care, professionalism and attention to detail. Mindful and compassionate, Meaghan was helpful in teaching me some ways I can improve my posture and core muscles.

Carole N

Toronto, ON


I never had thai massage before, and it was much better than I expected. Super relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. I've done a lot of Swedish massages and never was able to relax as much as I did this time.


Toronto, ON


Best thai massage we ever had. Super Nice attitude and knowledgeable staff. We had nothing to complain about.

Frida B



What an amazing experience! This small independent spa gave me an experience of a lifetime. From the lemongrass tea, to the essential oils that fill up the smell of the place, to the cozy zen den, you can feel all of the details that are carefully curated to make this place what it is. I had my massage with Orachon and my body has never felt better. 10/10 recommend. Oh, and the front desk staff is amazing....!

Bree D

Toronto, ON


This was my first Thai massage. I had no idea what I was getting into. Kind of intense but it was great. The sign on the wall say

Cilla M

Toronto, ON


I was serviced by Anton, and I 100% recommend both him and this spa. The spa itself is really welcoming and everyone has such a positive energy. Anton as a masseuse knew exactly how to stretch each and every muscle, and surprisingly, even stretched out kinks that I didn’t even know I had. For context: I’m a postgrad student who is always at a desk writing and doing readings. I have really tight back and neck muscles. I had never walked out of a massage feeling that relieved and free of muscle tension. I wasn’t even in pain; I just felt relief. (This is probably also due to the fact that it’s a dry and clothed massage, so no oils, just lots of stretching, some massaging, and really pinpoint muscle tension relief) Anton understands human anatomy, and as a result, can completely and easily — without you having to ask for it — release the tension in your muscles. I HIGHLY recommend. Thank you SO much, Anton, for your great and helpful service. 100% worth it, and definitely returning.


Toronto, ON


This is the first time I've been to this spa, and it did not disappoint. It was also my first thai massage and it was so worth it. Ray was amazing as well as the person who greeted me (sorry I didn't get a name). I had booked a 90 min massage and when Ray first started the massage, I didn't think I would get through the first half hour, only to realize that I loved it so much, I feel asleep during the last half of it. If you're thinking of doing a thai massage, I strongly encourage you trying at this place. The whole place has a feeling peacefulness and tranquility about it.


Toronto, ON


I saw Raymond and he was a spectacular RMT. I will likely never go for a traditional massage ever again, it was that good. I promptly booked in for the following week. Do yourself a favour and book a Thai massage here, it'll be a treat! And if you're visiting out of town in the Summer, there's a gelato place across the road and a beautiful park.


Toronto, ON


I’ve been having issues with my sciatica again and this spa happens to be 1 block away from work so I went during my lunch break. I went back to work relaxed and feeling really good!!


Toronto, ON


I had a great massage with Michelle.  It was my first time trying a Thai massage and it was an amazing experience.  Definitely going to come back again.  Try it!

Jacqueline M

Toronto, ON


This was my first Thai massage, and it was amazing! From the moment I walked in, I was impressed with the atmosphere, and the level of service. The lemongrass tea is delicious, and I received a free box as a birthday gift (thanks again!). I had a 2-hour massage, and I feel that it was a perfect amount of time. My practitioner, Amanda, was excellent--very friendly, professional, and reassuring throughout the massage. I feel like I've been "ironed out," and I feel more spritely than I've felt in a long time. My experience was worth every penny, and I look forward to going back to Bahn Thai Spa next time I'm in the area!

A Gill

Toronto, ON


Positive and memorable experience. Good atmosphere, friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. Anton was my RMT and was excellent - very professional, skilled and kind.

R Ivan

Toronto, ON


I have made 3 visits so far. The ambiance is very welcoming. The infrared sauna was great. I’ve had 2 long full body massages that truly wring me out... but that’s just what I needed. Next session booked for next week and I’ll try a sauna first followed by a full massage

Jon G

Toronto, ON


By far this was the most unusual massage I have ever had, but I am now hooked. I felt like a bowl of jelly afterwards. I did the couples massage with my husband and we both loved it. The rooms were gorgeous too.

Seanna G

Toronto, ON


Both a workout and relaxation! I walked on clouds after 1hr of Thai massage. I think this might just well be the only type of massage I will have in the future.


Toronto, ON


Excellent decor cleanliness and customer service. Traditional thai massage and foot reflexology incorporate a good balance of soft/firm pressure along with gentle stretching. Seems busy even on a weekday so advance booking recommended

Rob L

Toronto, ON


I went with my partner for our first ever professional massage. Because I was insured, I saw an RMT, and she saw a student. We felt uncomfortable about the difference in service, so we asked them to randomly assign the massage therapists and keep it a secret from us. The reception staff were super receptive to the idea and they pulled it off perfectly. My partner's student was excellent! My RMT was great too. A couple areas for improvement - there was a low recurring buzz (almost sounded like a phone vibrating) that was a little distracting. An hour really wasn't enough time for a full body massage (I suggest getting more time, or asking the staff to focus on one area rather than doing the full body). It ends up being a lot of time transitioning between positions and stretches. Bonus was that they gave me and my partner advice on what areas we could stretch more (trapezoids and hamstrings). The reception staff were phenomenal, preparing the RMT receipt while I was in the massage and handing it to me on my way out.

Rory Grant

Toronto, ON


I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time getting a Thai massage. I enjoyed it and found the experience interesting compared to a regular massage. Given that I have back issues I willing to experiment.

Jillian B

Toronto, ON


This was the most relaxing Thai massage I’ve had in a very long time. The place is decorated very well and the mats were very comfortable. Our couples massage was an excellent Valentines Day outing! Would definitely go again.


Toronto, ON


I was in a fair amount of pain and discomfort as I had been neglecting my body. I booked a 2 hour massage as my initial visit. Orachon was very thorough at working to release all the knots even ones I didn’t know I had. The stretches were so in depth and changed the way I thought about my posture for days. I will be back!!!

Toronto, ON


This place is phenomenal, and if you've never had a traditional Thai massage get one, here. And ask for Anton. This was my second visit with him, and I just had to leave a review. This massage is an experience on its own. Their motto is "We do your yoga for you" and that is what it really is! You just lay down in this authentic Thai style tent wearing traditional lose Thai grab, then let your body, mind, and senses go. Anton takes care of the rest. Bending and stretching your joints and in the end you're all loose goosey (there's no other way to describe is. Seriously.) Highly recommend this place if you're stiff and need a restart.

Mohamed Hudda

Toronto, ON


It was the first time I experienced Thai massage, even if it was quite different that the other types I knew (Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, etc.) I really did enjoy this one.

Arno F

Montreal, Canada


This place was everything I needed and more. I am now a bi-weekly devotee! If you are looking for something to set you right--this is the place and this is the treatment!


Toronto, Canada


My sister was visiting from Ottawa so took her to Bahn Thai for a new experience. She loved it! I had experienced Thai massage before but found this one great. I would recommend Bahn Thai Spa to anyone.


Toronto, ON


My partner and I enjoyed our massages thoroughly here! We lived in Thailand for 18 months and visit every other year, and we’ve spent a good amount of time getting Thai massages, probably more than most people. 

The therapists at Bahn Thai Spa are very well trained in the art of Thai massage, and applied pressure and techniques almost perfectly. My only complaint might be that the entire space is quite small, the lobby got really cramped at one point, but you don’t feel it once it you’re in the massage room.

If you’re looking for good Thai masseuse in Toronto, I highly recommend trying them out. I will be going back for sure.


Toronto, ON


Went in for a couples massage with my wife and was very pleased with everything. The service was Great, staff was very nice and the Thai massage was amazing.

A TripAdvisor Reviewer

Toronto, Canada


Went for a 90 minute traditional Thai massage with hot compression today and it was great. Definitely different from your usual experience at a spa such as Elmwood or Ritz. 
The massage had a lot of stretching involved to relief tension and knots. It was a good experience and relaxing massage. The downside was that it was in a room divided by curtains. There was privacy but no noise isolation which means when people are chatting even whispering or snoring you hear everything. This makes it difficult to relax and not be distracted. At the end of the massage they give you a small bag of lemongrass epsom salt for a bath to end the day. It was a nice gesture from the spa to wrap up the massage. 

Marisa N
Toronto, ON


Magical, pampered, gem of a find, professional, music, ambiance, thankful......cannot wait to return

Toronto, ON


This was my first ever massage and I'm so glad I came to Bahn Thai! I had called the day before to book an appointment and it was extremely easy. The staff were extremely pleasant. The RMT I had was amazing. He put enough pressure where it was needed and really worked my back. I felt very comfortable. Atmosphere is very cute and relaxing.

Toronto, ON


Clean, professional and calm experience. I would definitely go there again. However it can be noisy because you are separated from others only by a curtain.

Toronto, ON


The service was excellent and the staff were amazing. The Thai massage is a must have, it’s amazing how well it works on the body. I will visit again.

Toronto, ON


I booked a couples' massage for myself and my husband. Booking experience: Bahn Thai was very accommodating with our schedules (we made in back in time to pick up the kids from school! the downside: being stuck in Toronto traffic after a blissful massage!). Spa experience: At checking, you're received with some lemongrass tea (amazing and calming!). We booked 2 RMT's in a side-by-side room. We loved the setting: wonderful decor, comfy clothing to change into (loose knee-length pant & tshirt), the relaxing music, the wonderful lemongrass scent... And the massages are truly incredible. The website description is truly accurate "... with the therapist using bodyweight instead of strength and a steady and meditative rhythm, Thai massage looks and feels like a graceful dance between giver and receiver..." Ray and Komsak were amazing RMT's - Thank you both very much for making our "staycation" nothing short of amazing!! And thank you Angela for your help with the bookings, and your warm welcome to the spa - and great meeting Kate; you have a fantastic team and offer a wonderful experience! It was our first Thai massage, and afterwards, we both felt invigorated (like having done a yoga session), stronger, happier, healthier. We look forward to heading to Bahn Thai on a regular basis!!

Toronto, ON


Lovely experience with my partner at this cute little Thai massage place. The ambiance is lovely and as soon as you come in you are greeted with friendly smiles and ease atmosphere. You are offered a nice cup of tea to start and you can put your clothes away in one of they cute little lockers. The steam room has nice music playing and you can relax prior starting your massage.
I saw a review where the girl said they asked for her credit card to book, I wasn't requested one, but I know some business might require one if they think you might not come, as in fact that reviewer did not. I was a bit sceptical after I saw that comment on here but I decided to give it a try anyway and I'm glad I did. I know someone who has come here before so I was confident it will be fine - the person I know is very picky! Lol The massage was 1h30m long and me and my boyfriend were so at ease in the nice space in the back filled with cushions, soft music and soft lights that it felt like we were in paradise. It is really different than a regular massage and you won't feel like a caterpillar passed all over you after you finished.

Judy F
Toronto, Canada


 am delighted to have discovered this beautiful and relaxing spa. The decor and resulting ambiance were perfect, reminiscent of the finest such spas in Thailand. As was the attention to detail on every front. Most importantly was my massage and my RMT was highly skilled and gave my body a thorough treatment. I had had some concern regarding noise with the curtain walls, but after some initial chatting and giggling from the other side, all was quiet except for the well chosen sound track that only added to the experience. I would highly recommend.

Cynthia J
Toronto, Canada


We had a 90 minutes couples Thai massage and oh my God! I was dizzy, disoriented, relaxed, refreshed, dehydrated and differently postured after Ray was done with me.  Have had 20 plus massages but this is the very best by far! Will keep coming back again and again and again. Phenomenal!


Brampton, Canada


The staff were very friendly and made a way to book me a last minute appointment. After the session they gave me a complimentary epsom bath salt. I recommend this place!

Efren D
Toronto, Canada


This was my first full body Thai massage and it was a great experience. I still feel the positive impact on my body almost a week later. The staff was professional, the atmosphere was relaxing and inviting. I will be going back.

Saint John's, Canada


Decided on this place after doing a bit of research on finding the best place for a thai massage. The reviews looked promising and decor looks hella inviting.  they have an online booking system, but i called in to make an appointment instead since i had a few questions as it was our first time getting thai massages.  we arrived 15mins early as advised to fill out paperwork, however, there was some booking complication that delayed our appointment.  instead of having us wait around any longer, they offered us a complimentary infrared sauna session (usually $15 add-on per person).  my practitioner Susanna was soft-spoken, but very firm (as requested) when working on me.  knocked off a star because i haven't got another place to compare it to yet!  overall good experience from the people i spoke w/ on the phone, service from Susanna, the ambiance and lemon grass everything!

Karla C
Toronto, ON


Wonderful staff, so friendly and accommodating... they definatly know what they are doing and deserve every penny... they wont make you leave unhappy and will explain the process... clean and tidy. They will try to accomodate walkins but at least call an hour earlier.

Mohammed Al Masri


Bahn Thai Spa is a jewel. The atmosphere at the spa is cozy and the venue is spotless - clean and welcoming. Most importantly, the massage is of the highest quality I have experienced. The 90-minute Thai massage with Phil was a perfect way to stretch after a long flight and to re-energize. Top marks!!

Daniel C
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Paradise on earth! could not expect better! We were very well welcomed and offered some delicious lemongrass tea. The massage was amazing, the best of my life for sure. I will go back soon!

Toronto, ON


I’ve had 15-20 massages over my lifetime and this was one of the best I’ve ever received! Great atmosphere and music as well!

Toronto, ON


The atmosphere, staff and massage surpassed my expectations. I plan to return when I visit Toronto again. I loved the lemongrass tea, essential oil and salts.



This place is wonderful! The ambiance is relaxing, and the staff are highly trained and amazing at what they do.

Toronto, ON


Great Thai massage! Thx Jun!! It's heavenly!!!!

Vivian He


Great place, very clean, welcoming and professional. Never had a bad massage here. Highly recommend.

David Lester


Great atmosphere. These people knows what they are doing. Go.. it's worth every dime. My back and legs feel amazing.

Therese Guidolin


This place is wonderful! The ambiance is relaxing, and the staff are highly trained and amazing at what they do.

Toronto, Canada


Never had a Thai massage, didn’t know what to expect. Different than a regular massage, prefer a swedish massage though. I would go back & recommend. Very professional and good experience.



We were looking for a massage option and leave because the reviews of the hotel's spa to be desired ... we have requested by email. We got an immediate response and a couple massage. The therapists did a great job ... massage with my whole body ... you have to engage in it and suffer the occasional pain ... but you feel great afterwards!

Vienna, Austria


Super professionalism! The team was attentive and absolutely responsive and open. After discussion, the team was able to work on specific areas.

Brussels, Belgium


The service is amazing. The front receptionist kept me company as I had arrived early. Anton is talent and kind! I got the lovely chance to meet the owner. It was a pleasure and honour to have had my first Ancient Thai massage. I strongly recommend getting a massage at Bahn Thai Spa.

Toronto, Canada


I booked a two hour thai massage last Saturday in order to treat some chronic issues that have stayed with me and been getting worse over the past 6 years. I am an RMT and have had plenty of swedish massage and have never got off a table feeling any profound changes, so I thought this might be worth a try. Best decision I ever made! Ray is a genius, he was able to find and fix every knot and every annoying rotation in my spine. My legs and hips haven't felt this loose in almost 10 years and I haven't had low back or hip pain all week, and I've been much busier than usual lately. 
I can't speak to the relaxation of this modality, as I asked for deep pressure, and it was uncomfortable to say the least. However, it was truly mind blowing how much it helped me. I highly recommend this to anyone needing some serious work who hasn't felt like other therapists have scratched below the surface.

Taryn W


Excellent massage, friendly staff and genuine relaxing atmosphere. The minute you walk in the door you are offered slippers and lemongrass tea, stress will melt away. 

Susan H
Niagara Falls, Canada


I had an incredible experience. I got the 2 hour abdominal/full body massage that included infrared sauna at the end. I felt very cared for every step along the way. Tea, towels, music, amazing treatment, Epsom salt gift. It was just what I needed. I'll definitely be back xo



Was one of my first massages. Felt very good. Great atmosphere. Professional and friendly massage therapist.



I had a great thai massage by a very skilled masseuse (just like being in Thailand! ) Very professional and Lovely place with nice warm decor.

Mexico City, Mexico


Best service, incredible massage, and will be going back as much as I can. Very professional yet humble and relaxing

kronick kid4


They really do ' do your yoga for you'! Best stretch and flex I've experienced in a very long time. All done with the utmost care, consideration and courtesy. Highly recommended ????????

Kim C


Overall experience was amazing from start to finish. Lemongrass tea thai massage and infared sauna/shower. The practitioners knew their craft well and the environment which they practice made it that much more authentic.



This place is amazing! The owner is cool and Dallas makes you feel at ease. They have a different spin on Thai massage than I'm used to but I definitely enjoyed myself and will be back.

La Marcus J.
Las Vegas, NV


Great experience! I had Liz unwind a knot in my neck that I have had for years and just figured would have forever more! The atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing so your experience starts the moment you walk in the door. I've already booked for my next session. Highly recommend!



nice, professional and friendly. Pleasant ambience, authentic, even not all the therapist are Thai. I felt really great and energized after. I do recommend this place

Canton of Zurich, Switzerland


Excellent massage. I went with my boyfriend and we booked for 60 minutes but wished we had done it for 90. The therapists are true professionals and they apply the thai massage techniques. I felt wonderfully well the next day.

Bogota, Colombia


I have visited Bahn Thai Spa once, and I will go again. I would recommend it to my friends and if you are considering it, I can attest to the fine experience I had.



I had a wonderful relaxing sixty minute massage. Ray always works out my stressed out back amazingly.

Salvatore C
Toronto, Canada


This is a place which we all could use monthly I wish we lived closer to Toronto I would try to become a regular great clean place with fantastic staff. Don't think twice about it. Book yourself a 3 hours

Nobleton, Canada


I had a wonderful experience at Bahn Thai Spa. I had the 90 minute Thai Massage with Lemongrass Herbal Oil with Luck my practitioner. She was so kind and soft spoken and immediately made me feel comfortable, thoroughly explained what to expect as that was my first time. All the problems with tightness that I had was relieved at the end of the session, she also showed me easy to do neck stretches that I have been doing daily now. The Thai massage was done first with your clothes on (they gave you a tshirt and very comfortable pants to wear), then towards the end of the session was when I had the back rub with this amazingly scented Lemongrass oil. I've never had Thai massage before and now will surely return here for more treatments. The facility is very beautiful, every corner is well decorated and I really felt like I was transported into Thailand. The location is easy to get to, at the corner of Jarvis and Adelaide where there was a bed of sunflowers. Highly recommended!

A TripAdvisor User


Anyone that wants a great Thai massage. I say go to Bahn Thai Spa. Absolutely amazing. Very relaxing and staff are very friendly.

Chicago, IL

I have always been searching for a massage where I would really have all the tensions in body released. That's the one!

Quebec City


I received and outstanding massage from a dedicated and very well trained Senior Practitioner, Phil. I am still benefiting from increased range of motion and mobility from this mindful and intuitive practice. Thank you. I have already recommended the service to friends.

Berkeley, CA


The experience was so good I weeped. Paul was amazing - an angel! I feel like a new person! Seriously it's a rebirth. Thank you Paul! I plan to stop in every time I'm in Toronto!

Cleveland, Ohio


A wonderful experience! Addressing all areas of concern and freeing more limber. Everyone was very friendly! Will be back :)

Tammy B
Washington, DC


Had my first Thai massage here with Phil.  It was one of the most amazing experience I have ever had... Time felt like it stood still! Not only are the knots in my shoulders gone, but I felt an energy connection like never before. There were all kinds of stretches and movement going on, different feelings, but a calmness surrounded everything that let me focus on breathing and go into a completely zen state.  I came out feeling euphoric... Everyone here was so very friendly and helpful. Anyone on the fence about trying this out I would *highly* encourage you to go for it.  The only downside I see is that now I'm hooked on doing it again!

Peter B
Rochester, NY


Great experience! Calm, welcoming environment. Excellent customer service. Best massage I have ever had. Will definitely return!

Pole Fit Nation
Oakville, ON


We had a couples Thai massage here. We had deep pressure.. this is not for the faint hearted, however was Perfect for us. Truly great traditional Thai therapists who you could tell are well trained and experienced.
Great experience and feel so much better for it now!

United States


Just all the best vibes from the place and the people. Absolutely loved my experience here. Thank you Phil for the amazing Thai massage!!

Danah R
Toronto, ON


Monica was amazing. My hips have never felt better. Even my chiropractor was impressed. I will defiantly be back for more.

Rosemary U
Toronto, ON


I recently went to Thailand and had a few massages there. I was in heaven after my traditional Thai massage there. The technique at Bahn Thai Spa is 100% accurate. It was my husband's first time and he thought it was the best massage he has ever had. Just a note for those who haven't been there. There are only curtains separating you from others. So try to keep your voice down as others maybe in a total relaxation. We would totally go back and have already recommended it to our friends.

Jothi C
Toronto, ON


I chose Bahn Thai for the reviews and to support a local business and was not disappointed. They have such a unique niche with Thai massage. I scheduled my appointment online and the process was smooth and quick. I received confirmation emails and appointment reminders which set the tone of professionalism. When entering the place, you're greeted by the subtle and relaxing scent of lemongrass. From the warm tea you're served to the bathroom soap this traditional Thai herb is introduced for an authentic traditional experience. The rooms located in the back are beautifully designed with private linens between each massage space. My therapist was attentive and gave a Thai massage yet still focused on the areas I needed. They even have a space for couples Thai massage. The purple and red hues of the space along with the lovely lit tree and elaborate beading on the tapestry and pillows made it a unique and positive experience. The following day my back pain had reduced significantly and I was able to move much better. It's definitely worth going back. I also got to meet Kate the owner which is very passionate about bringing Thai massage to people's lives and keeping a talented team of Therapists.

Michelle R
Miami, FL


There are very few places in Canada where you can get an authentic Thai massage, and this is by far the best of them all. While people begging for money outside remind you that it is not in the best neighborhood, you immediately step into a tranquil world of soft meditation music, the smell of incense and the soothing colors of Thailand as soon as you are inside and handed your first cup of lemongrass tea. The service is excellent, but even that pales compared to how fantastic the massage practitioners are themselves...they will make you feel better than you have felt in a very long time through a wide assortment of techniques which even includes (if you can take it) walking on your back. I left this 90-minute slice of paradise feeling 20 years younger and thinking that it was worth every penny I paid, and the whole thing makes me want to take my next vacation in Thailand so that I can have a massage like this every day!!

Gordon M
Cambridge, ON


Amazingly great place. Best message I've ever had in life. Meaghan is wonderful. Owner is wonderful. Overall vibe is great and tranquil/healing.

Kim C
Chicago, IL


Great customer care and innovative thai spa - traditional Swedish massage part was not as satisfying.

Nicole D

Toronto, ON


Anton was excellent. TG I have benefits or I woudn't have been able to treat myself to RMT. Will certainly be back to try the practitioner options &/or when my benefits reset.

Toronto, ON


Authentic experience - a must try if you enjoy massage. Very friendly and professional staff and proprietor.

Toronto, ON


Great massage! The atmosphere was welcoming and the location was clean. A bit tricky to find parking.

Jessica S
Toronto, ON


It was amazing! I had the Thai massage with the student and it was absolutely wonderful! The atmosphere is great there and all the employees are very very nice! I encourage anyone and everyone to go and give it a try!

melany 228
Toronto, ON


The nicest massage I've had overall. Went on January first after a long night.... could not have asked for a better way to start the New Year-

Toronto, ON


Had a very lovely massage here. I was feeling very sore from a recent trip to the gym. The Thai massage is very deep and methodical. No part of the body is ignored. The benefit of it was truly felt 2 days later.

Yana F
Toronto, Ontario


I took my mother for her birthday, and we both found it to be a wonderful experience! Anton loosened and stretched my tight shoulders further than I thought was possible!

Laura M
Guelph, Ontario


We did a couples massage it was very meat I didn't realize they do your entire body which was okay I liked it. You lay on the ground and the atmosphere is very neat too the guy that did me made sure that he was on point with the entire experience my boyfriends person didn't seem as into the Thai stuff (the praying the tea and making it an original experience ) as my guy did but he still thought it was okay I was very please with the gentleman that I got ..I would definitely recommend this expecially if you get the guy who did me which I can remember his name but he was a tall dark fellow

Dana B
Toronto, Canada


A really beautiful, relaxing experience. The calming decor, music and friendly knowledgeable staff made me feel so comfortable. It was my first Thai massage and I'm definitely going back !!! Thank you Phil Messam for making this experience so unique !!!

Christine H
Toronto, ON


My partner and I booked each one hour with Phil Messam. We both enjoyed the very professional, personal and relaxing massage therapy. While travelling we only had a one time chance for this experience. However we can highly recommend Phil and Bahn Thai.

Zug, Switzerland


It was a great experience from beginning to end. Have never had a massage like this before. It was a great experience to share with my fiancée just before our wedding. Great stress reliever!

Kitchener, Ontario


The atmosphere was relaxing, clean and professional. Our massages really worked out our kinks. We will definitely come again.

Buffalo, New York


I took my girlfriend here as a birthday surprise, we both really enjoyed the experience! The place came highly recommended by my friend Alan who has an amazing Thai restaurant called Mengrai Thai which I also highly recommend. Cheers!

Derek B
Toronto, ON


This was my first time ever going for a Thai massage - the hospitality was amazing and the massage was phenomenal. it relaxes my body and the staff was genuinely friendly, knowledgeable and caring! If you have never tried a Thai massage this is the place take try it! You will come out relaxed and restful.

Anela D
Mississauga, ON


This was the first time we tried Thai massage, and we left feeling both relaxed and refreshed. The massage therapists were knowledgeable and extremely gifted at their craft.

Toronto, ON


Quiet, gentle, firm, healing...I left the spa feeling like my mind had been quieted and my body had been rejuvenated. The Bahn Thai Spa will be my go to place when I want to be kind to me.

Toronto, ON


My massage was incredible, the service from all employees and the owner was very friendly and courteous - I just wish that the RMT performing my massage had verified what type of service I had booked so that I would have received the proper treatment. However it was still incredible and I will be back to try it again!

Toronto, ON


Excellent atmosphere, massage that is functional and they stretch you to loosen muscles that have become rigid while loosening facia.

Toronto, ON


The ambiance of the place was very relaxing to start with. Followed by an amazing receptionist who was so hospitable. I couldn't lift my shoulder which is why I commuted for an hour just to get to the spa. Now, I can lift my shoulder with no pain at all! The masseuse was so good. Everything was great! I'm definitely coming back soon!

Daniah A
Toronto, ON


I went to the spa during a stay in Toronto in April, my son who lives in Canada offered me a massage for Mother's Day. I must say that I rarely had Thai massage that quality. The level of excellence is close to that found in Thailand. Everything is perfect, hospitality, friendliness and quality massages. I really recommend.

Paris, France


If you are looking for a massage that's de-stressing, de-compressing and delightful then Bahn Thai Spa is the place to go!

Shawn O
Toronto, ON


professional massage team, really clean ambience, kindly response, great experience.
I am always open for a new massage anytime :-)

Berlin, Germany


Very lovely and relaxing spa environment. The staff are knowledgeable and professional.
I won't go for a Thai massage anywhere else in Toronto!

Toronto, ON


Bahn Thai Spa offers great traditional thai massage. Perfect option for a couple who wish to do a different activity together. Not the typical romantic massage, more of the real traditional thing. Treatments were very effective. Benya and Eric took great care of us and we're really attentionate to our body reactions during the whole experience.

Montreal, QC


The energy in this place is so relaxing and calm. An excellent place to start a date with someone special and a couples massage.

Toronto, ON


What a beautiful spa, anchored by a wonderfully warm, skilled, attentive staff. Centrally located near the downtown business core, the spa is carefully cultivated inspired directly by Thailand's healing culture and practice. You will easily think you are in the East once inside the spa. It is a perfect location to de-stress, renew, relax and re-engage the world awaiting outside its quiet walls.

Peter B
Toronto, ON


Went there a few months ago with my girlfriend. We both had muscle tensions and aches from weight training. The massage service here eliminated the discomfort pretty well.

Toronto, ON


I tried several massage practitioners in Toronto, and so far Raymond Tam is the best. I received his treatments even before he joined Bahn Thai. Today I went there my first time and I was happy with the environment they created. Next time I will try Raymond's Thai massage, and I already know it will be good.

Peggy G
Toronto, ON


Fantastic massage that brought me back to Thailand. Very attentive masseuse and great customer service.



Bahn Thai was fantastic. I highly recommend seeing Vicki. Shes just back from teacher training and was exactly what I needed.

Petralisa F
Toronto, ON


Enjoyed a wonderful Thai massage with Benya at Bahn Thai Spa. The spa is clean and a little bit trippy with treatment spaces decorated with colorful Thai silks and cottons. I booked a 90-minute Thai massage and was offered a complementary infrared sauna treatment beforehand to help loosen the muscles and increase circulation. Benya was terrific and I look forward to going back soon. Felt like a mini-vacation that was both therapeutic and relaxing.

Toronto, ON


I wanted to email to commend my masseuse who did an amazing massage and made me feel very comfortable. Her mixture of Thai and regular massage was perfect and as it was my first Thai massage it was a great introduction. It also really loosened up my tight muscles. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and deep pressure.

The spa itself was also lovely and the offer of infrared sauna prior was much appreciated and showed your extra attention to detail.

Overall I'd say it was an A+ experience and I've already heartily recommended you to a few of my friends. I only wish I lived here so I could come all the time. I'm trying to figure out if I can fit in another treatment before I leave again!

Sasha L
Toronto, ON


The spa is beautifully appointed in bright colors. Lemongrass is used throughout (from the tea that is served to the scent of various products); I enjoy the smell of lemongrass so I found this very pleasant. Staff are friendly and professional. Prices were reasonable (they offer different levels of practitioners with differing price points to match). The practitioner who worked with me was very knowledgeable (if a little new-agey) and I received a very good, much needed stretch. The take home gift (lemongrass Epsom salt-- which you will probably need after the workout of a Thai massage) was a nice touch.

Teji A
Cincinatti, Ohio


Had a 24 hour layover and booked an appointment online the week before I arrived. The process was easy and I'm so glad I did! I got the 90 min massage with RMT Elizabeth Dacosta Thai/Swedish combo. It was the perfect way to stretch and work out my muscle kinks from the long plane ride and lifting heavy luggage. Her pressure was strong and consistent through the entire massage. The pre sauna, lemon grass tea, and post lemongrass Epsom salt soak at home afterwards sealed the experience. I highly recommend this place. Excellent service, quality, friendly staff, calming environment.

Lori F
Los Angeles, CA


I would highly recommend this spa treatment - it is an experience of mind and body - full relaxation while stretching your limbs to the next level - loved every minute, starting with the sauna! I look forward to my next opportunity to visit!

Niagara Falls, ON


I highly recommend Bahn Thai Spa. I booked a 90 minute traditional thai massage and Swedish massage combo. Both were excellent however I enjoyed the Thai massage so much that I would definitely stick to just that type next time. It was an amazing experience, small, quiet, relaxing atmosphere...felt like I was out of Toronto for a short period of time. Best birthday gift to myself!

Racoon Whisperer
Toronto, ON


my son and I went for a message for his birthday. We were first delighted by the beautiful and different atmosphere. It was the first Thai message for the both of us. Really really super experience. Great staff! Loved the take home treats too!

Toronto, ON


Great, authentic Thai massage. It was excellent! The staff were friendly and courteous. Started with a sauna, then straight in for two hours of fantastic stretching and deep pressure release. Hit the right spots and was even able to get my neck to release. It had been stubbornly stuck with a subluxation for weeks. All in all it was a well deserved treat. Very much recommended!

Toronto, ON


Absolutely Loved my experience here! I miss the spirit of Thailand and my massages since I came back from Chiang Mai. My RMT Luck was so great with his hands, Marisa the receptionist was warm and welcoming and took me in on such short notice. She even offered me lemongrass tea while I filled out the paperwork. The decor is stunning and comforting from the colours to the detail of Buddas, spiritual music, and hot towels during your session, it really makes you feel relaxed. The owner is a lovely woman who studied in Chiang Mai and I could tell is so passionate about changing the way people view their health. First time here and I live north of the city, but I am a forever client now. Thank you for a beautiful peaceful experience.

Cristina C
Toronto, ON


My practitioner was Phil, and man was I thrilled to have him work on some serious issues. The service was extremely professional. The ambiance was very calming and inviting. Phil knew exactly which spots to hit. I would highly recommend anyone who hasn't had a Thai massage yet, DO IT, it'll invigorate you like nothing else. I left feeling reenergized, lighter and carrying less weight in all my joints and shoulders. A++++++++! Thank you to the staff at Bahn Thai Spa, for REAL!

Stefan Dimitrijevic
Toronto, On


I travel a lot for work and privately and as often as I can I treat myself to a thai massage. At Bahn Thai Spa Kim gave me the best thai massage that I had ever had. She felt exactly where I was tense and treated those areas to perfection. Kate the owner was so extremely friendly and welcoming and the whole place tranquil and professional. I can recommend anyone to go there when visiting Toronto.

Zurich, Switzerland


One of the most wonderful Thai massages I have received in Toronto. A beautiful space and my therapist was focused, attentive and very effective in relieving some back and neck pain I was having. A truly amazing experience.

Jerrica B
Toronto, ON


Such an amazing experience. They bring in the best of thai massage and swedish, and I leave feeling like a million dollars. If I could get a massage every day, I would.

Tanya W.
Toronto, ON


Saw Bahn Thai Spa when walking back to The Grand Hotel from St Lawrence market so dropped in on the off chance to see if they had any appointments. They have a tiered therapist system from student rate (the masseur is still in training) to senior therapist. I had the student trainer who was brilliant: Strong enough to hold my body weight, very professional and really knew what he was doing. I would definitely recommend this spa to anyone staying in Toronto.

Planet Venus
London, UK


I was visiting from Vancouver for the holidays, and got a gift certificate for here. I went the last day of my trip and it was amazing! Kim took great care of me! Super relaxing atmosphere and friendly cool staff! The real deal. Thanks guys!

Vancouver, BC


My father bought a massage package for my birthday and I was not sure what to expect when I arrived. It was my first massage. When I got there the atmosphere made me feel welcome and relaxed. The staff was friendly as well. My overall experience was wonderful. I would definitely recommend it.

Martha Walker
Toronto, ON


I've passed by the Bahn Thai Spa many times since I live near there and always wanted to try it. I love Thai massages and had many massages when I traveled in Thailand and Cambodia. I finally booked an appointment, and it was amazing, how I remembered it in Asia. It was 90 minutes, and the time flew by. I had an apprentice give me the massage and she was great. It was so relaxing and wonderful. I would definitely go back again.

Toronto, ON


I thought I had finally found the best massage therapist in the world. What Clency can do with his hands....he seems to reach the deepest knots and opens them up. I love coming to see Clency! However, the one day Clency wasn't there, I met Anton! And then Anton helped un-rope my IT band like it was a part of me again! Go to Bahn Thai Massage!!! They will make u feel whole again!

Delia W
Toronto, ON


I had a Traditional Thai massage at Bahn Thai Spa and found it to be a wonderful experience. Owner Kate Armstrong has created a wonderful atmosphere - the spirit of Thailand - at Adelaide and Jarvis. The massage was professional, effective and oh, so relaxing.

D Vanini
Toronto, ON


Comparing the massage to the ones I've had in Thailand, this place comes as close to an authentic Thai massage as you can get in Toronto. Professional and courteous service. I look forward to booking another appointment. Masseuse: Anton

Toronto, ON


I was in town for only a few days and saw this beautiful massage spa around the corner from where I was staying. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I went there twice, I'm a big fan of thai massage. I lived in Thailand for a long time and this place made me feel back there again. The technique of the therapists was really outstanding. Good pressure and I could relax completely. I can compare these massages to the ones I have I Chiang Mai. They have all kinds of discounts for regular guests. Unfortunately I don't live there, otherwise I would be one of them.

Peter V


Fantastic experience - great ambiance, friendly and professional staff. The massage was super relaxing and extremely effective! If traditional table massages do not work for you then this is worth trying out. I have gone twice - Andie and Monika are both fantastic masseuses!

Toronto, ON


I wasn't looking for a massage. I was on my way to St Lawrence Market when I happened to look to my left and saw something I had not seen in my past trips. I was intrigued. I was in luck as they had an opening in 30 minutes. I was regreated with a cup of lemon grass tea. I was then asked if I would like to start my massage with a dry sauna. Sure. I was ushered into a room and given a sarong for the massage, a towel for after a refreshing shower, and a t-shirt and Thai pants to change into for my massage. I'm used to wearing nothing for a massage so this was intriguing. The sauna came complete with wonderful music and I sweated and relaxed for the next 20 minutes. Then Anita took me to a curtained area with a lovely decorated floor futon with pillows. Hmmmm. I was told to relax and all would be done for me. I spent the next 60 minutes being nudged, stretched, kneaded and moved. I loved every moment of it. She was gentle yet firm. Calm yet filled with positive energy. I am only sad that I live so far away and will not be able to return until January. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Karl E
Toronto, ON


I received my first Thai massage from Andie a few weeks ago and it was lovely. She was gentle and firm when needed. Would love to return once I can find some time!

Here By Accident
Toronto, ON


We spent there very relaxing good time , with my husband.very nice and positive energy place.I got very special massage therapist Anton, whole my body is relaxed and I feel much better..
Thank you Anton

Adriana Sopkova


The Thai massage was great. Unfortunately it was a bit loud as another customer was talking to his therapist throughout the massage, and you are separated from others receiving treatments just by cloth curtains.

Vancouver, BC


My best friend and I decided to do something a little different instead of the usual "meet up for a drink" for our rare get togethers so we booked a day here. It was wonderful. The massage was incredibly relaxing yet invigorating but the entire experience was even better. We spent some time together in the dry sauna which gave us a nice time for a good intimate chat. We were served some delicious tea and from beginning to end, were cared for and pampered. It's a great way to connect with someone you love!

Dianne C.
Toronto, ON


I visted this spa during a trip to toronto, woul probably go there regularely, had I lived there. The facilites are nice and the staff very professional

Havard G


Bahn Thai Spa is a very pleasant, relaxing and soothing place. I love the feeling of being in faraway place where hustle and bustle of the city doesn't enter into the space. Space is beautifully decorated, staff is friendly and well experienced. My overall experience with Thai massage was pleasant and very relaxing. I would highly recommend it.

Miranda H.
Oakville, ON


After having a Thai massage at Bahn Thai, I will never schedule one for anywhere else. In fact, I doubt I would ever bother with other forms of massage again either. I have had 4 massages at Bahn Thai with 4 different massage therapists...each of them was excellent. Not only that but the decor is beautiful and everything smells like lemongrass. After each massage, I feel 10 years younger and two inches taller. To put icing on the cake, they even give you lemongrass scented bath salts when you leave. I can't say enough great things. Bahn Thai Spa is incredible!

Toronto, ON


Not often do I find a place that does the real deal! Traditional Thai massage is hard to come by in North America as I have looked for it on my numerous trips. I've had Thai massage all over Europe, J'burg, and beyond. Recently stayed at the King Edward and heard about this place across the park. I will be moving to Toronto shortly so am thrilled to find Bahn Thai Spa. Staff were really friendly. Decor made me feel like I was back in Bangkok! I had Monika for a 90 minute and have booked to return in 2 weeks. After a long flight I really appreciate the extra mile these peeps go to make their customers comfortable - well me anyway!

Doreen Vallance
London, UK


Bahn Thai Spa is absolutely amazing! I had reserved 3 simultaneous massages for my holiday weekend in Toronto with my mother and my daughter. We had communicated by email and they were very accommodating. When we arrived they recognized us right away as a the "group of 3" and got us sorted for a complimentary sauna prior to the massage. All the staff were warm and welcoming, and they gave us plenty of herbal tea and water. The massages themselves were incredible and very unique, a combination of "normal" oil massage and Thai stretching that felt great and was not painful at all. My therapist was very petite but incredibly stong and able to give me the very deep pressure that I requested. My daughter actually fell asleep during hers and started snoring - hahaha - and my mom's therapist was the apprentice. My mom said that her massage was incredible and that she would never have known that her therapist was still an apprentice as she was very capable. Overall this was a fantastic experience and I recommend Bahn Thai Spa highly for both locals and visitors. Best of the best!!

Tampa, Florida


I just had my first Thai massage ever. Ray...you are fantastic! The girls that greeted me upon entry: kind, professional and attentive. The business itself is authentic, clean, soothing and is a haven for peace and unity. Bahn Thai Spa is truly an escape from the busy, cluttered lifestyle of Toronto. With the help of expert hands, you can shutboff your mind and rebuild a connection to your body. Like I said before, it is some kind of beautiful.

Toronto, ON


This was our first time experiencing Thai massage and we loved it! The effects last for days, well worth it!

Toronto, ON


Bahn Thai will be a must do whenever I'm in Toronto. The therapist Phil did wonders which helped my recovery from a recent back injury. And he gave me recommendations for what to do at home. The decor and massage was as traditional as those I'd received in Thailand.

Arlington, VA


Bahn Thai Spa is absolutely amazing! I had reserved 3 simultaneous massages for my holiday weekend in Toronto with my mother and my daughter. We had communicated by email and they were very accomodating. When we arrived they recognized us right away as a the "group of 3" and got us sorted for a complimentary sauna prior to the massage. All the staff were warm and welcoming, and they gave us plenty of herbal tea and water. The massages themselves were incredible and very unique, a combination of "normal" oil massage and Thai stretching that felt great and was not painful at all. My therapist was very petite but incredibly stong and able to give me the very deep pressure that I requested. My daughter actually fell asleep during hers and started snoring - hahaha - and my mom's therapist was the apprentice. My mom said that her massage was incredible and that she would never have known that her therapist was still an apprentice as she was very capable. Overall this was a fantastic experience and I recommend Bahn Thai Spa highly for both locals and visitors. Best of the best!!

Jen Carson Carroll
Florida, United States


What a great place! I had the best massage of my life at Bahn Thai today. The place is beautifully decorated, it smells incredible...like lemongrass, and the staff is very friendly. First, I had a 30-minute infrared sauna, followed by a 90-minute Thai massage. When I left, I felt 10 years younger and like I had just had a restful night of sleep. I loved it so much, I booked a follow up massage for later this week!

Christy F.
Livonia, United States


The spa offers a very unique experience. The massage was excellent and people are great !!! The best of all I want to come back !!

Monica Ospina
O Market Access & Trade


I can't recommend this place enough! I went for a 90 minute massage and it was the best massage I've had in years. I often feel that I don't get enough pressure in a traditional swedish massage, but the thai massage experience incorporated lots of stretching and the masseuse made sure to check in regularly to make sure the pressure was okay. As a distance runner, it was particularly therapeutic in soothing sore muscles after a long run. Plus, the massage therapist was an RMT, so it was an easy process to submit the expense to my health insurance provider. I spoke with the owner, Kate, who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about thai massage. If you haven't been to Bahn Thai yet, go!

Jens H.
Toronto, ON


I have had fantastic treatments at Bahn Thai Spa. The Spa itself has gorgeous, Thai-themed decor and gives clients a feeling of well-being and relaxation: just from the interior design, colours and peacefulness of the surroundings. It is an oasis and haven of regeneration and healing in the busy downtown core. A good place to get away to de-stress during a lunch break or after finishing work. Customer service at the spa when booking appointments and when arriving for treatment is also friendly and welcoming.

I highly recommend one of their RMT therapists - Raymond Tam. I have been to him for the regular Swedish massage (I haven't had chance to try the Thai massage there yet). Ray consistently puts a lot of effort into the treatment and knows how to utilize/adjust different techniques to maximize the healing of the client, depending on the area(s) which need most focus. Ray also gives very good pressure for those who need a deeper treatment and he can also adjust to much lighter pressure for those who don't need the deeper treatment.

Toronto, ON


Great healing vybe when you walk in. Monika gave an outstanding Thai massage and this is coming from a RMT. I love their Thai massage pants!

Wensey Juan
Toronto, ON


A friend recommended this place a while ago and last week I finally decided to book my first appointment with one of my best friend's. As soon as we stepped in the Spa, a nice and relaxing atmosphere welcomed us along with the friendly staff that offered us a very delicate tea and some hot towels to wash our hands as in the Thai tradition. After filling in some forms about our health history and indicating which areas of the body need extra attention, we were taken to a separate room to change and to the infrared sauna. I'm usually not a fan of saunas but I really enjoyed this one as it was not too hot and the chill out music relaxed me instantly. It was so nice that I didn't feel like stepping outside anymore. After taking a shower, we went to another area of the Spa where the ambiance, decoration and atmosphere was sublime. The music was even more relaxing, calm and our RMT's accommodate us in our massage areas which were surrounded by soft lights changing colours and extra comfortable futons. My RMT was super nice and I felt very comfortable with him and my girlfriend love the girl that worked on her body. When we finished I was in total heaven and I'm now planning my next visit with my boyfriend. The nights following the massage I totally slept like a baby, my whole body felt so light and in perfect balance. I would recommend this place to everybody that wants a nice massage in a very relaxing environment and with professional staff that takes good care of you and listens to your needs.

Jennifer C.
Toronto, ON


I was pretty excited to come here after seeing the photos on Yelp -- it looks like a perfected authentic Thai spa and it was just as pleasing in real life. They have really taken care of all the sensory details, it's beautiful here and I felt transported to another (Thai)land. If you've had Thai massage before, note that this place is the real deal -- the staff does training in Chiang Mai. If you've never gone for Thai massage, try it out! It's like a mix of yoga and chiropractic, but you can get an RMT receipt for it here. ;) I had a very relaxing experience and haven't had any tightness in my hips and lower back (from frequent cycling) since I came in last weekend. One small recommendation to the owner: I loved how Bahn Thai Spa transported me back to Thailand for an hour or so with it's aesthetic and vibe. (And of course, the treatment!) I'd love it if there was a familiar smell to the place too... I'm not sure what that might be... a hint of lemongrass, maybe?

Christine H.
Toronto, ON


I was excited to try a traditional Thai massage. The decor is amazing, the staff is very nice, and the service was exceptional. When you come in they offer you sandals and a change of clothes. You're taken to the back where they have a very cute setup that makes you feel like you're in Thailand. The massage was exceptional. I've never felt stretches like this before. I was worried that my body would be aching the next day because of all the positions I was put in, but I just felt extremely relaxed and rejuvenated. Like their motto says, they'll do your yoga for you!
At different price points, they have the right massage for any budget! Definitely recommend and will return!

Shant B.
Toronto, ON


Great experience every time. I have been here over 10 times because Kate advises me on which masseuses can help me with my back problems. I am a big guy with old rugby injuries and certain masseuses are very strong and skilled at getting to deep tissue and loosening up scar tissue.

Nigel Fung
Toronto, ON


After a long active day, Bahn Tahi Spa offers the perfect way to relax. The staff were superb, friendly, and professional. They touch base on which areas of concentration you prefer and also make sure to take note of any injuries. The facility is also very clean which made a much more pleasant experience. This place is definitely worth visiting. Thank you very rejuvenating boost!

Sandra Y.
Manhattan, United States


Best traditional Thai massage I have been to in North America. They are professional, know what they're doing and care. Highly recommended Andie. She is currently an apprentice but knows her sh%#!

Dave B
Los Angeles, United States


The past couple of weeks have been tough and my entire body has been aching. While looking for RMT places around where I live I found this place......The massage was great! This is where they redeemed themselves. Anton did a great job releasing the tensions in my shoulders and identifying other areas I may be feeling tense based on what I told him in our initial assessment. I've been to many massage places and I've never felt this relaxed afterwards. Will definitely come back for the Thai massage as I started with the Swedish!

Justina L.
Scarborough, ON


Anton is awesome!! I had the Swedish/Thai combo and I felt like a totally different being afterwards. I am a physician and have a lot tension/stress in my neck/back as well as migraines. There was nothing I would've changed about my session.
I only subtracted a star because the front desk lady somewhat turned me off. When I arrived Anton welcome me, got me tea/ensured I was comfortable, and took my coat etc. After my appointment, another couple came in while I was awaiting my husband and the front desk lady welcomed them to use the sauna etc. I mentioned, "oh you did not mention the sauna to me." She kind of made a face, then later said she would add to my account for next time. Minor annoyance, but Anton completely made up for it!

Elated J.
Alexandria, United States


Fantastic place. Great atmosphere. Had a 30 minute sauna followed by 90 minute session with the RMT. Highly recommended! Will definitely return.

Toronto, ON


Bahn Thai Spa is absolutely amazing! I had reserved 3 simultaneous massages for my holiday weekend in Toronto with my mother and my daughter. We had communicated by email and they were very accommodating. When we arrived they recognized us right away as a the "group of 3" and got us sorted for a complimentary sauna prior to the massage. All the staff were warm and welcoming, and they gave us plenty of herbal tea and water. The massages themselves were incredible and very unique, a combination of "normal" oil massage and Thai stretching that felt great and was not painful at all. My therapist was very petite but incredibly strong and able to give me the very deep pressure that I requested. My daughter actually fell asleep during hers and started snoring - hahaha - and my mom's therapist was the apprentice. My mom said that her massage was incredible and that she would never have known that her therapist was still an apprentice as she was very capable. Overall this was a fantastic experience and I recommend Bahn Thai Spa highly for both locals and visitors. Best of the best!!

Jen C.
St Louis, United States


Great place for a Thai massage. I opted for a massage by a Senior Practitioner and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I've been looking for a good Thai massage place in Toronto since I moved back in 2014, this is the best one so far. Facilities and atmosphere are relaxing, pretty and thoughtful. I was also very appreciative of the warm hospitality and service. Definitely coming back.

Anna C.
Toronto, ON


Great Thai place. My wife and I opted for traditional Thai massage and were very pleased with the quality of service and the ambiance. Reason I give it 4 stars is because of the lack of RMTs - we couldn't get 2 RMTs even though we booked over a week in advance. So it can end up being pricey if you can't get reimbursed for one of the masseuses.  Overall, great Thai place. May just have to book a little more than a week in advance if you'd like more than 1 RMT for your visit.

Rohit M.
Fort McMurray, AB


A lovely experience from the moment I walked in the door. The calming decor and pleasant staff put me at ease immediately, and lemongrass tea was brought to me at once. After checking in, I found out I was their first client to grab the free lemongrass oil! Once I filled out the paperwork, my friend and I were lead to a beautifully decorated room where we would be having the massage. My senior masseuse was incredible and focused on all the areas I told her to. I left feeling incredible and relaxed. I only wish I would have gotten the 90 minutes! My ONE complaint is the music during the massage. It was beautiful but distracting and didn't really flow together. But that's just me. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it!

Alicia T
New York, United States


I had a wonderful 90 minute Thai massage with Andie Poulin. She is lovely, professional, knowledgeable and skilled. Andie gave me a great "Thai Massage in Toronto" experience. The technique she used for the last 30 mins with an oil massage of my back, neck, shoulders and head and face followed by more Thai movements to finish off the experience was amazing. I feel relaxed just thinking about it.  (The only thing that could have made it better would have been the ocean, sand and a sunset in front of me and a cost of 300 THB -- so, yes, being in Thailand). :) Some issues I experienced on a previous visit were dealt with very professionally and promptly by Kate, the owner/manager who made the time for my feedback and we had a great conversation. In business mistakes and problems will always happen; how the issues are handled is the true mark of a successful business and dedicated owner. Oh, and the lemongrass tea was so delicious - a great touch.



I honestly was reluctant to try Thai massage because "regular" massage at my physiotherapist left me in pain and I had to stop getting it done. But the stretching with the the Thai massage is so good for me! Today I can actually turn my arthritic neck more than I have been able to do in months and my hip feels more mobile and "lighter"! It's not locking up on me when I walk today.

Corry Tania

Likeness By Corry


After years of regular massages to help correct neck and back problems from a car accident, I was delighted to have my first Thai massage! I felt more relaxed and comfortable than I do with the regular probing and prodding and can’t imagine having any other kind of in the future! Looking forward to my next one already!

Danielle, Operations Manager, End Cancer 

on behalf of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation


Having lived in Thailand for the last 15 years I consider myself a connoisseur of the Thai massage. All that is missing here is the background noise of Thailand e.g motorcycles chickens but instead it is gorgeous relaxing music. It doesn't get any better than here. And I am talking about the real thai massage that I would find in the rural areas of Thailand. Love it, love it. I always feel 2 inches taller when I walk out of there.

Madeline Brian

Costume Designer for Stage & Film


My best friend and I decided to do something a little different instead of the usual "meet up for a drink" for our rare get togethers so we booked a day here. It was wonderful. The massage was incredibly relaxing yet invigorating but the entire experience was even better. We spent some time together in the dry sauna which gave us a nice time for a good intimate chat. We were served some delicious tea and from beginning to end, were cared for and pampered. It's a great way to connect with someone you love!

Dianne C.
Toronto, ON


Bahn Thai Spa is an oasis in the midst of the Toronto for the weary traveller. I was treated with respect and felt fully pampered with personal service and kind attention. My practitoiner, Monika, knows her work! She paid special attention to my sore spots and worked out the other areas to balance the entire body. I’ve had Thai massage all over the world and I would rate this one as one of the top 3 Thai massages that I’ve had. Bahn Thai is lucky to have her!

Sylvia Perry
London, UK

Monika you're amazing...feeling wonderful thanks xx

Sue Tolley
Toronto, ON


Extremely welcoming, friendly and warm staff and a beautiful and relaxing environment. Expect very effective, relaxing and revitalizing effects! I am very familiar with the practice of Thai massage (I've been having it done for about 3-4 years) and the staff at Bahn Thai are some of the most compassionate and professional in the city. If you sit all day at work and/or have pains from a new workout regime that you're trying (like me..) please do your body a favour and try out Thai massage....... but especially at Bahn Thai because I love them and they are amazing!" :) 
Nina Bascos

Toronto, ON